Permanet Lip Enhancement

Permanent makeup for lips is brilliant for bringing back a fading lip line, covering pigmentation or giving them a fuller appearance. They give you a very natural finish so only you know they’ve been tattooed…

Tammy’s Story

Tammy came to see me wanting a natural enhancement to her lips. She had pigmentation on her top lip that she wanted covered but didn’t want anything bright as she doesn’t wear make up daily.

We chose a colour that would heal to a lovely nude.

Before starting the permanent make up the lip was outlined with pencil first to even out any asymmetries.

The procedure took around 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete but can take up to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Once tattooed, the lips can be a little swollen but they go down within a day.

Tammy Before Having Permanent Lip Enhancement

Tammy before Permanent Lip Enhancement-3
Tammy before Permanent Lip Enhancement-2

The Permanent Lip Healing Process

The colour is very bright and prominent straight away, this lasts up to 7 days, it can be a little worrying but once its mixed with your blood it calms down and will sit very natural, …you can never get a full lipstick look with permanent make up…

during the healing period the colour can disappear and will gradually intensify over a few weeks which is why you have to wait 3 weeks to see the full effect.

Tammy Immediately after Permanent Lip Enhancement-2

Immediately After Treatment

Immediately After Treatment

Tammy 1 day after Permanent Lip Enhancement-1

One Day After Treatment

The Permanent Lip Enhancement Healed Results

As you can see from Tammys lips the colour was quite a bright pink during healing but just look at the healed result.

A very natural nude which has covered the pigmentation..all she needs to do now is gloss and go..great for everyday wear.

Tammy healed Permanent Lip Enhancement-2

Healed Permanent Lips

Tammy healed Permanent Lip Enhancement-1

Healed Permanent Lips

Lips can also feel very dry during the healing period but the aftercare given to you is amazing for relieving this so using it is a must.


Tammy’s Testimonial for her Permanent Lip Enhancement

Would highly recommend Hayley. She is friendly professional and is very helpful and explains everything you need to know about your treatment and will always answer any questions you may have .Her treatment room is very clean and comfortable. I have had my eyebrows tattooed, Derma planing and have also recently had my lips tattooed . I am over the moon with all the results and will definitely be returning for more treatments .

Hayley Ayres Permanent Makeup Specialist Watford

Hayley Ayres

Permanent Makeup Watford Specialist

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