Permanent Lip Procedures

Permanent Lips

Permanent Lips by Hayley Ayres, Watford

Permanent Makeup Watford offers a number of different permanent lip treatments to suit your unique beauty requirements.

Permanent Lip Procedures


With permanent make up you can create a beautuful pout by naturally enhancing what you already have. It can even out any asymmetries, bring back a fading lip line and add an extra 1-2nm by tattooing along the vermillion border. With many colours to choose from you will find a shade to suit you.

4 different procedures are offered for the lip area:

Lip line – A lip liner can be created by implanting colour around the outer edges. Perfect if you’re fed up with your lip liner bleeding or are struggling to perfect the line. Just add your lipstick and go

Lip line and blush – A lip liner is added and the colour is faded out towards the centre for a blush effect. Blending the liner into your natural lip colour without having to have a full lip procedure

Ombré lips – With ombré the colour will be more intense around the outside and the inner corners fading in to a lighter shade throughout the belly of the lips

Full lip colour – A full lip colour is even throughout the whole of the lips built up over 3 sessions. Just add your favourite clear lip gloss and you’re ready to go

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    Permanent Lip Procedure

    • When you arrive for your treatment the first step is to take a before photo.
    • I will then draw around your lip line with a lip liner creating a symmetrical pout.
    • We will discuss colours and I will mix a shade suited to you. When you’re 100% happy I will ask you to fill in and sign the consultation form before I start creating your new lips.
    • The time it takes to complete depends on the style you have chosen but usually between 40 mins and 1 hour 40 mins.
    • Once finished I will apply vitamin a and d ointment and take after photos

    After Permanent Lip Procedure

    • The healing process for lips is slightly different to eyebrows and eyeliner.
    • The colour will seem very bold and bright at first.
    • Flaking will form over 2-3 days. You must not pick, pull or rub those off. They will feel very dry so you will need to apply the aftercare frequently
    • When the flaking has come away the colour will disappear as it mixes with the blood and heals under the skin.
    • The colour will intensify over 3-4 weeks.
    • Your lips will feel dry throughout this time. If you’re prone to cold sores you will need to use treatment for 5 days prior to treatment and after as long as needed.
    • It is normal for the colour to be patchy after the first treatment which is why a top up is needed between 6-10 weeks, if it’s a full colour you’ve chosen a third session maybe required.

    All treatments include: A free consultation, Full aftercare treatment, & A top-up appointment after 6 weeks.

    Hayley Ayres Permanent Makeup Specialist Watford

    Hayley Ayres

    Permanent Makeup Watford Specialist

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