Having permanent makeup has been life changing for Brenda

Permanent Eyebrow Treatment

Permanent eyebrows aren’t just for people wanting a heavy defined brow.

They are amazing for people wanting to fill in sparse areas caused from years of over plucking, to hide scars within in the brow, for people who have lost their brows due to chemo or Alopecia or people wanting just that little bit more..

When Brenda came to see me, her eyebrows were non existent from years of over plucking. She had been getting what hair was there tinted but it was only lasting a week or two. Penciling them in everyday had become a chore so she bit the bullet and came to see me about getting permanent make up even though she was very nervous about what they were going to look like. After going through the different styles, shapes and colours we decided that lightly powdered brows were the best option keeping the colour light to match her hair.

Although eyebrows are very bold when first done, when they heal the colour sits under the skin making them very natural.

Having permanent make up has been life changing for Brenda saving her so much time in the morning and not having to worry about her brows wiping off in the rain or when she goes swimming.

Having perfectly placed eyebrows has also taken years off of Brenda’s appearance


Brenda’s Testimonial

Brenda's Permanent Eyebrow Testimonial

Hayley Ayres Permanent Makeup Specialist Watford

Hayley Ayres

Permanent Makeup Watford Specialist

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