People choose to get makeup permanently applied for many different reasons.

Some want to enhance their natural features by giving a defined lash line, subtly giving their lips a glow of colour or finely enhancing their brows…it can be so natural only you and your technician knows it’s been done.

Permanent makeup can give you confidence to walk out the house knowing your makeup will not sweat off or rub off, so no need to worry about working out, going swimming, going out in the rain again!

Perfectly placed brows can frame your face, eyeliner defines your eyes and a lip colour can bring back your faded lip line to take years off for a younger appearance…..who wouldn’t want that right?

It can also even out any asymmetries and give you back your beautiful brows after years of over plucking.

Some people want more of a prominent look from permanent makeup, a bolder eyebrow, a thicker eyeliner and a brighter lip colour.

There are many options to choose from, it’s not a one for all which is why a consultation is very important to discuss with your technician which look you are trying to achieve and to tell them about your lifestyle so they can help you and guide you to your perfect look.

Most people are nervous when they come to see me to discuss their options which is totally normal…after all..someone is about to tattoo your face.

This is why it’s so important to visit as many technicians as possible to get a feel for who they are and where they work so you can make an informed decision whether permanent makeup is right for you

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